Declining net revenues, developing weakening and expanded rivalry implies that corporate banks have at no other time confronted such a significant number of difficulties. An ongoing overview by YodekServices found that 50% of corporate treasurers were not satisfied with their bank. One major issue faced is that many banks operate on multiple systems; having different processes for viewing, originating and servicing customers and often specialist staff. Banks struggle for a 'single view of the customer' as product information and data is dispersed across systems that can not to talk to one another. In addition, bank customers struggle with managing their many accounts with multiple banks, with 41% of corporates already using a non-bank, and a further 29% that would consider using one offering a service to address this issue, this may be the differentiator that you need.

In summary, issues include

Multiple, complex systems

Multiple bank accounts with many banks

Lack of control and efficiency

New competition

Digitized product expectations

How our solution helps

YodekServices , with its scalable innovative technology, provides superior features for corporate banks, supporting profitability, customer acquisition and retention. Now, bank customers can benefit from quality digital solutions to equal their retail experiences, for all their business banking needs.

Our customers continue to see the benefit of our advanced modules, with YodekServices having won several awards for Trade Finance and Supply Chain activities.

What's included

A complete integrated banking software solution for corporate banks. It combines an agile core with powerful analytics and a seamless multi-channel user experience platform. Supporting your customers' liquidity and enhancing their risk management, it provides a complete picture of your customers' entire product portfolio, managing their credit, trade and cash positions through global consolidation.