Service Integration & Management

While service delivery in a multi service-provider environment is tricky, it can be made possible by designing and adapting an appropriate Service Integration Model. Service Integration and Management (SIAM), is a best practice approach. This is a model which improves the ITIL framework to deliver and coordinate better for its services. The offering is further developed by overlaying and integrating it with a governance framework. Service Integration needs to be incorporated at the level of the customer, supplier and also across cross functional (CF) levels.

Designing Service Integration guarantees that the providers work in the limits of the defined Operating model and Governance framework. SIAM offers a framework and operating model with well-defined processes, policies, liabilities, governance and risk management. This further aids in supplier/vendor collaboration, integration and interoperability.

Key Activities Include

Service Integration and Management audit/review

Design Service Integrator and Multi-Source Operating Models

Process, Service, Governance integration modelling

Governance, Policies, Compliance Management development and integration

Process Management, Performance Management, KPI's

Governance integration such as COBIT

Governance Integration Strategic, Tactical and Operational levels